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How to Juice a Banana

Have you ever thought of making banana juice in the juicer same as you did for other fruits? Well, I had this thought many times and gave it a try but failed miserably. After a few years now, I thought of digging into this topic to know the main reason. I consulted a few health experts and went through the websites on the internet before writing this article. You can read a brief article with details on how to juice bananas along with a comparison between banana smoothies and juice. Dive in to know the main reason and benefits of consuming this fruit juice.

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How To Juice A Banana?

Some fruits are naturally not juicy and bananas are considered one of them. Even if you throw a peeled banana into a juicer, you will hardly get a sip. Almost 90% will be wasted and you’ll notice pulp because it cannot be juiced. The easiest and simplest form of consuming banana juice is making it into a smoothie. You can only use a banana along with milk or add some more fruits with honey, or water. The taste can be developed according to your personal liking.

Banana Juice vs Banana Smoothie

Let me draw a brief comparison between banana juice and banana smoothie so people can get rid of the confusion. As mentioned above, you cannot juice a banana because it is naturally not juicy and contains pulp. It is impossible to extract the water from the banana but I have tried a method that is extremely time-consuming but might help you extract the juice. You will need almost 2 kg of bananas. After peeling, put them in a bag and mash them so they become soft.

You can boil the puree and leave it so that it becomes liquid. This is how you will get your banana juice. Whereas you can make a banana smoothie in minutes. It is easy to make and gives you full nutrients. You can blend your banana separately and add other fruits such as strawberries, apples, yogurt, honey, or milk to make a soft and yummy smoothie. This is full of nutrients and can replace your breakfast if you are on the go.

When comparing the nutrients of 2 kg’s of bananas with a glass of smoothie, you will have excess sugar, potassium, starch, and iron in your blood. This can be extremely dangerous for your health and is time-consuming too. Hence you should consume a banana milkshake or smoothie with two bananas at a time. This gives you the required amount of nutrients that are needed by your body.

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Benefits Of Banana Juice

Bananas are loaded with nutrients that are required by human beings on a daily basis. You can consume them in any form depending upon your liking. If you have banana juice, a milkshake, or a smoothie, you will get all the nutrients of the fruit. It comes with potassium which is great for maintaining blood pressure. People who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure can have a glass of banana juice daily to keep it normal.

Banana is full of vitamin B and C which means you can get an immunity boost after gulping a glass every morning with your breakfast. You’ll notice your energy levels going up because it has an impact on your physical activity. Many athletes drink banana juice because it is rich in potassium and helps in boosting the recovery process. Patients with muscle injuries are also advised to have a glass of banana juice daily because it helps with muscle impairment and is a good source of electrolytes too.

The taste is neither sweet nor sour so everyone including the kids can enjoy the juice with some milk and honey. It also helps people with digestive problems and irregular sleeping patterns. This can stimulate serotonin in the body which helps people with insomnia. Hence consuming banana juice daily either in the morning or at night has unlimited benefits for people of every age.

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Why Shouldn’t You Juice A Banana Peel?

People like using banana peels in their juices because they have high water content. Many people, including health experts, recommend not using it. The main reason for not juicing the banana peel is that it is sprayed with many chemicals and pesticides during the growing stage. These help in the growth of the fruit but can be extremely dangerous for the human body. The toxins can enter the body and can cause many diseases that can be deadly. Hence it is best not to use banana peels when making the juice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I juice a banana?

You cannot make banana juice because it is naturally not juicy. It can be used for making milkshakes or smoothies with or without other fruits. You will still be able to get all the nutrients of the banana in any of the forms.

Do you put a whole banana in a juicer?

No, you do not put the whole banana into the juicer. The peel of bananas is removed because they are sprayed with several chemicals and pesticides that can be dangerous upon consumption. Hence you should remove the peel before throwing the banana into the juicer.

Can you blend a whole banana?

It is recommended not to blend the whole banana because the peel can have toxins. Moreover, it is tough and might add a bitter taste to the juice. It is best to remove the peel and enjoy your healthy banana juice.


A brief article on how to juice a banana is given above to clear all the confusion. You cannot make a juice because it is not juicy like avocados or mangoes. You can simply throw a few bananas into the blender to make a smoothie or milkshake. This will give you all the nutrients of the fruit and keeps you full for a long time. I hope this short article on banana juice has cleared all the misconceptions about the fruit.

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